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My biographical anecdote

Here is a short biographical anecdote that I wrote recently for an essay:

A couple of weeks ago I presented at the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT) conference, which took place in Tokyo, Japan. I presented on using film and process writing to teach cross-cultural awareness as well as methods to encourage foreign students to engage in the writing process. I did this presentation with several of my fellow classmates from Columbia University, Teachers College in Tokyo. The presentation was a resounding success for everyone involved. For me, the presentation touched on a theme that has been a cornerstone of my life—that obstacles can be overcome with unyielding determination and effort.

You see, when the conference began, I had already transferred from Teachers College in Tokyo to the New York. Returning to Tokyo to give the presentation was not feasible at the time. After much contemplation, I wondered if I might do the presentation online. I recalled that I had previously done research on using Skype (an internet/phone/videoconferencing program) as an educational tool. The main disadvantage of using Skype for giving a presentation was its lack of multiple modalities for effective communication. This problem might be overcome, I thought, if I could find a program that could compensate for Skype’s weaknesses. And so I began my search.

After “googling” laboriously for many hours, I came across a free program called Yugma (cross-platform presentation software), which was integrated with Skype. Realizing that these two programs would allow me to simultaneously conduct a video conference in addition to presenting a Power Point presentation to remote computer, I negotiated with my fellow classmates and the organizers of the JALT conference for internet access in one of the conference rooms. Fortunately, we were successful in setting up the programs on the day of the conference. Thus, I was able to present to and interact with participants who were thousands of miles away at 4AM!

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  1. Naser
    February 8, 2010 at 2:49 am

    wow amazing vocabulary and it really showed your leadership ans wittiness values so clearly

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