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Cause-and-effect situations

Situation 1

Tom was your average student. He wanted to make good grades, and wanted to be popular among his friends. The problem this young, 15-year-old faced was finding a balance between being liked by his buddies, on the one hand, and making straight “A’s,” which his parents very much hoped he would strive for. One day one of his best friends asked him to go to an end-of-year party after school. It was going to be the biggest party to date and all of Tom’s friends, including his long time partner-in-crime, Jake, would be there. Going to the party sounded like good news indeed. However, there was a drawback. If Tom went to the party, he would be unable to study for his final exam, which was the following day.

Tom sat in his room and was faced with a great dilemma: Should he go to the party or spend another night at home studying for a test? After many minutes of meticulous deliberation, he decided.

“I can’t miss this party for the world,” he thought as he grabbed his jacket and ran out of the house like a bull charging at a matador.

Unfortunately, as soon as Tom arrived at the party he found that none of his good friends were there. None-the-less, he decided to have the best time that he could.

The next day when Tom made it to class, he felt weary, listless, and vapid. As he began to take the test, the words on the paper appeared blurred and the letters seemed to fly off of the paper. When he awoke from this exhausted state, the bell had rung and class was over. He had failed the test.

Questions to consider:

1. What did Tom do that caused him to fail the test?
2. How did Tom feel the day that he took the test?
3. If you were Tom, what would you have done

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