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Will Online Gaming Change the World?

Dr. Jane McGonigal is a game designer who has conducted extensive research on how to develop games to help people enjoy their real lives (click here for her bio). In the YouTube video below, she makes the argument that games (e.g. World of World Craft) can empower people to attempt to “create epic wins” in their real lives. McGonigal believes that, ultimately, video games that inspire people to engage in epic adventures will advance human civilization.

What do you think about this presentation? Do you feel that games motivate you to achieve epic wins in your life? I must say that, for me, playing video games online does give me a window into how to socialize with others in order to achieve my own objectives. Thus, it appears that games are, in many ways, a microcosm of real life. And just as some studies have shown that children who are exposed to violence on TV are more prone to engage in violent behavior, I believe that video games that expose people to epic wins and achievements sow the seeds for people to overcome challenges in their own lives.

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