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Grockit: the future of education?

What is it?

The good:

Grockit is an online interactive learning environment where students can:

  1. Complete a brief online diagnostic allowing Grockit to pinpoint a student’s academic strengths and needsto instantly generate a personalized study plan
  2. Receive expert instructionpersonalized to their unique needs
  3. Practice with, learn from, and compete with millions of peers on the subject of their choice using live chatin Grockit Group Study
  4. Earn points and recognitionfor achievements that show status in the Grockit community
  5. Complete timely “Challenges” to measure academic progress
  6. Catch up or get ahead with just a couple of hourson Grockit each week

Grockit has several unique features that I think distinguishes it from other online learning systems on the internet as Grockit was specifically designed for high school students.

As of today, there are more than 330,000 students using Grockit which has over 26 million questions.

There are several reasons why Grockit stands out among online learning resources:

Solo Practice: A section where students could practice problem sets (e.g. grammar/vocabulary questions) at their own pace outside of course assignments

How Grockit does it:

Students can engage in solo-practice math and reading sections that are separate from group study session

Grockit does a really good job with this solo practice section as you can see the level of difficulty for each question that you answer as well as the skills that are being acquired. The designers take this a step further by linking the skills associated with specific problem sets to YouTube videos that offer tutorials that you can listen to as you complete problems.

One of the advantages of solo practice with performance tracking/XP point integration system is that it is the epitome of autonomous learning, in my opinion. I can certainly attest to the benefits of this system as I have been using it recently to improve my math skills. Before using Grockit, I never studied math outside of class except when I had to prepare for standardized tests like the GRE and SAT. Just recently however I began doing practice sets just for fun. I think what makes solo practice so fun is the immediate feedback you get from the system when you get a question right and the ability to review questions that you get wrong. Particularly, the point system makes me feel as if I am playing a video game as opposed to actually doing traditional school work. Believe it or not, I am actually performing better in this type of environment than I ever did in school.

Speed Challenge: 2-4 Students log online and try to compete to answer questions correctly as quickly as possible. When you get a question wrong, other players are able to see what answer you have chosen thus improving their odds of getting the right answer.


How Grockit does it

While you can practice individually, you can also compete with other students in this section to see who can collect the most points.

This section will appeal to students who have a competitive spirit as well as students who have mastered the target grammar/vocabulary and want to challenge themselves.

For the high school project, we could have students do similar activities in the form of grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Student Generated Study Sessions: A student decides on a specific area that he/she would like to study (e.g. Modals), schedules a study session in which other students enter and do skill sets as a group. Students have insight into which students are knowledgeable about specific areas based on the number of points that have been collected.


How Grockit does it

I like the fact that you can reserve a spot for a study session as well as create your

own study session from the main landing page. You can also see who has already

signed up and the time the session will take place.

Once you decide to create a study session, you get the ability to determine how many players can join, the subject, customize the level of difficulty and skill sets, as well as when the session will take place. (Note: Since I am using a free account currently, I don’t have access to all of the features.)

This would work out especially well for high school as students can demonstrate soft skills such as the ability to lead and organize groups in addition to being able to keep learning social and exciting.

Integration with popular social networks:.

How Grockit does it

You can introduce your friends to Grockit by integrating your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also inform your friends on other social networks about upcoming study sessions that you have.

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